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The PVC panels are largely used for pvc walls, pvc ceilings, foaming panes, and vinyl sidings or exterior wall coverings.  After the treatment of printing, transfered printing, hot foil, glossy etc, the pvc panels are coated with various colors and patterns. with the following features, pvc panels are widely applied in our daily life.

Suitable for a high quality design and modern sleek, sophisticated environment.
Excellent combination with any decorative materials.
Durability, for a long time remain an excellent appearance.
Easy to install, does not require special knowledge and tools.
Environmentally friendly, odorless, non-toxic.
Fire safety is not conducive to the spread of fire.
Hygiene, the surface can be washed with disinfectants and detergents (except abrasive).
Ease of care, from the surface is easy to remove dust and pollution.
Affordable price.

And the following pictures show some tipical cases for the applications.

pvc panels apply for living ceilings

Living room ceilings and walls

pvc panels apply for dinning room
pvc panels for dinning room

pvc panels appy for bath room

pvc panels for bath room

pvc panels apply for vinyl sidings

pvc panels for vinyl sidings

vinyl exterior wall coverings

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