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Decorative PVC Ceiling Panel: The benefit

Decorative pvc panel are made from precision extruded PVC and decorated with unique designs ranging from marble, onyx to wood grain patterns. Other colors are also available. The result is a product with durability and low maintenance. The pvc ceiling panel has a safer fire rating than wood or other wood fiber products.

These plastic panels are resistant to color change or fading and warm to touch. These panels are perfect for installation vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Tongue-in-groove profiles are designed to allow easy installation, with recessed fastening by either stapling or nailing to conceal the fastener. Plastic wall panels can also be glued.

The benefits of plastic paneling are innovative, decorative patterns that are not available in other wall covering materials. They are safe, with the highest fire rating for any interior wall finish; flame spread, ASTM E-84, less than 15. Plastic panels also are waterproof; they will not rot, delaminate or absorb water, and are ideal for tub surrounds and high moisture areas.

Plastic paneling are perfect for the DIY enthusiasts as they are easy to install, lightweight, and easy to handle, requiring no special tools. Plastic panels fit easily over existing surfaces, including tiles; and can be readily fastened using nails, staples, screws or glue. (By Nitchen Group)

600mm*600mm PVC Ceiling Panel requires higher installation level

600mm*600mm pvc ceiling panel

600mm*600mm pvc ceiling panel is actually a squre pvc ceiling panel, it’s also a stylish pvc ceiling panel. This pvc ceiling panel requires a higher level in sizing and installation.

Normal sized pvc panel requires only keels in installation. As per the structure of keel, normal sizedpvc panel has no specific request, While the 600mm*600mm ceiling panel requests a structure of Square Keel suspending system to hang the pvc ceiling in the air.